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If you are reading this page you could very well be one of the thousands of drivers who lack confidence in their ability to manoeuver their vehicle safely and with accuracy.

There are many possible reasons for a lack of ability; some drivers simply don't understand what to do, some get confused which way they should steer going backwards, they may not understand that the steering has now changed from front wheels to back wheels when in reverse. They may not know how to read the picture in the mirror. They are afraid to make a mistake because they don't know how to correct it. They may lack slow control of their vehicle. They don't know how to use reference points or indeed what a reference point is.

How many drivers have hardly ever reversed since the day they passed their test? Believe me, there are a great many out there still afraid to engage reverse gear!

So what can I help you with?EASYCONTACT.jpg

  • Reversing around corners or into your drive or garage.
  • Turning the car around in the road.
  • Choosing how to approach the situation.
  • Finding and using reference points in your car.
  • Turning in a cul-de-sac.
  • Parking between other parked cars.
  • Parking safely at the supermarket or shopping centre.
  • Effective safety observations when reversing.
  • How to use mirrors effectively.
  • How to correct mistakes.

Most of all, I can show you how to build your own confidence and teach you how to teach yourself!

It's not as troublesome as it may seem. And don't worry, I'll take you somewhere nice and quiet to start with so the neighbours don't see you struggle.