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These prices are valid from 01 September 2019.

My price guarantee to you.
Regardless of how long you spend training, or any price increase during your training, your lesson price will remain at the price you began with.
This applies to continuing lessons. If lessons are discontinued for a period of four weeks or more without prior notice it will be accepted that you have ceased lessons. should you wish to re-start then any price increases will be applied.
Basic rates for "Pay as you go" driving lessons. £26:00 per hour.
60 minute lesson.                   £26:00.
90 minute lesson.                   £39:00.
120 minute lesson.                 £52:00.
Bock booking (pre-paid) discounts.
10 hours. £250:00. A saving of £1:00 per hour.
20 hours. £490:00. A saving of £1:50 per hour.
Starter deal for complete beginners.
Get your first 10 hours for £230:00. (£23:00 per hour!) A saving of £30:00 from standard hourly rate.
No hidden rules, no hours held back for test day, this is exactly what it says. (normal terms and conditions apply).
Pass plus course. (Minimum of six hours required).
This course, resulting in a pass plus certificate. is priced at £180:00.
Please be aware that six hours may or may not be sufficient training.
There is a discounted price of £160:00 for drivers who have completed their
training with me and have taken a minimum of 25 hours.
Refresher lessons or course.
For whatever reason you have decided to take, or are considering refresher
training, I admire the fact you understand the need for professional assistance.
Because of your willingness to improve your skills, or gain more confidence,
which in turn, will improve road safety. I may be able to help with
a discount. You will need to contact me and discuss your needs.
Motorway lessons or course.
Motorway lessons are at standard hourly rate and the minimum bookingis two hours.
Due to mileage and fuel I am unable to discount these lessons.
Other than two hour lessons, I offer a popular course.
Half day course which will include a 30 minute break,.
So thats 4.5 hours for the price of 4. £104:00.