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Is cheap the best?

Let's look at value for money.
There are many offers on the market. Most are offering lessons at ridiculously reduced prices. Believe me when I say that these prices are not at all realistic. Yes an offer to bring you on board is quite acceptable; after all we are running a business. If however you are able to find lessons that remain at this very low price, what are you getting for your money?

The instructor who is giving away lessons at half the normal price is probably running at a loss. They must do a great many hours teaching to earn a living, are they interested in you? Are they bothered about the future standard of your driving or do they simply want your custom and money?

Will this very cheap instructor be totally honest with you? Will they hold on to you as long as they can because you are one of only a few customers and they need the work?

Are they rushing from pupil to pupil because of the amount of lessons they must give, in order to survive charging such a low price? Are they giving correctly planned and structured lessons?

I give only quality tuition; I understand that people learn at different rates, if a pupil of mine learns quickly, I will teach accordingly as long as the pupil is learning correctly. If I have a slower learner then I will adjust the lesson to suit, the practical skill on its own can be dangerous, the theory associated with the practical skill is essential when driving on today's roads.

Quality tuition will in most cases, speed up the learning process, reducing the total amount of lessons required saving you money, it will also increase your chances of a first time pass!

Mum and Dad. Do you want your son or daughter to be a qualified driver that just managed to get through the test? Or do you wish them to be good, safe and responsible giving you a little more peace of mind when they venture out on their own?

And finally, may I take this opportunity to wish you good luck regardless of who you learn with. If in the future things are not going to plan, give me a call.