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Apply for your provisional license.This link will be all the information you require to apply for your first provisional drivers license and associated topics such as renewals endorsements etc.



Your Theory Test Preparation.Study hard for your theory, not only to ensure you are successful when taking the theory test but also to prepare you for future driving. The knowledge you gain during your training period will be vital to you in the future. Having a good knowledge will mean you can answer the question without having a list of answers to choose from. This is the difference between a person who has learned the theory of driving properly, and a person who has learned how to pass a test. Learning the answers by rote is not the way. You need to know why that is the correct answer, you need to be able to work out the answer quickly and with confidence, this is after all what you will be doing when driving independently.


Finding your study material.The Driving standards agency is the government department dealing with the driving tests, In my opinion it makes sense to learn through their publications and products.You can find all you need in various forms from here.


Booking your Theory test.Follow the link to find out all you need to know about booking the test. this is the correct place to book without paying a booking fee, there are many sites which simply transfer your information then charge you for it!



About the Theory test.Here you will find an explanation of the test and the answers to any questions regarding special needs or language problems etc. Also video clip about the test.



Booking your Practical Driving test.once you are ready for the test or when your instructor lets you know it's time to book, this is the place to do it, again this official page will charge you the test fee only. Make sure you read first and ensure you have all the information you need before you begin the booking.



About the Practical test.Here you can read about what will happen on test day. Your instructor will advise you if you have any further questions, think of this day, not as a test but as a demonstration of your ability to continue to develop your skills without supervision in a safe and responsible manner.



Vehicle safety questions.At the beginning of your Practical driving test you will be asked two vehicle safety questions, one "Tell me" and one "Show me". Should you answer either or both of these questions incorrectly, you will receive one driving fault. Learn them here and get your test off to a positive start!