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COVID 19 Information for learner drivers.


Here I have listed several links to important information which is essential for learner drivers during lessons and driving test procedures.

I have also laid out my conditions while teaching after completing my own risk assessment.


Safety precautions for lessons.


All contact points of the car (handles levers switches seats and headrests etc) will be sanitized prior to and after your lesson.


I will contact you the day before your lesson via text or call and ask several safety questions regarding the COVID19 Virus. (Detail below).


On collection for your lesson, We will meet, regardless of the weather, outside the car first, I will ask the questions again at a safe distance and before you enter the vehicle. If you are unsure and feel the need to check, I have a none contact thermometer to check your temperature.


A face mask is required in the car. We will, when possible drive with some windows open to achieve good airflow through the car. This may not always be practical or comfortable (road-noise, weather.) so the safest option will be the wearing of a face mask or covering. If you decide to use a disposable one-use mask it is your responsibility to safely dispose of it after the lesson.


You may wear disposable gloves if you wish, These, (if you choose to use them) must be new or not previously worn. and put on just before entering the car, disposal of the gloves is your responsibility after the lesson.


Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in the car if you run out or are not available from where I collect you. If you require a specific type of cleanser due to allergies or a medical condition, please ensure you have your own supply.


Clothing for lessons should be comfortable but full cover, exposing as little skin as possible, so long sleeves please and no shorts. Yes, it is summer but safety first.


Other items. Phones, notebooks, specs, coats, handbags, backpacks etc should be kept to a minimum especially if the lesson is from and back to home. Consider if it is essential. Any item you do bring with you should be cleaned first and kept on your person where possible. Anything which cant be kept on your person will be stored in the boot, remember, the virus can be transferred from both hard and soft surfaces and can survive for some time on either.


Unfortunately, observation of the lesson by a third party (Mum, Dad, Husband, Wife etc.) will not be allowed at this stage.


Please understand that driving lessons do present a higher risk, these safety precautions are essential to protect both you and me from infection and the further spread of the COVID19 virus.


Any aid to the lesson, pens, pencils, markers, diagrams, books etc. will not be passed from person to person, take note of anything you require I will provide it if possible, either electronically, or at the following lesson.



I will text you this message the day prior to your lesson. Please reply promptly.




Please confirm that you are fit for your driving lesson tomorrow by answering these three questions.

Are you experiencing any virus symptoms at present?

Have you had any symptoms of the virus in the last 7 days?

Have you been in contact with anyone showing symptoms in the last 14 days?

Please reply with either Fit or Unfit then add any further message.

Thank you.



If you have answered yes to any of the questions it will not be safe to have a lesson, Reply with Unfit then please make a note of the dates and follow government guidelines. I will either call or text requesting information as it may affect me too.


Here is a link to the government site regarding Corona virus.




Here is a further link with advice if you have symptoms.




News and guidence about booking and attending for your driving test can be found here.