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About Ken Haigh (Howard Kenneth Haigh).

In my early sixties and still fulKen Haighl of life.
Returning to driving tuition after many years for the simple fact I'm getting too old to be repairing or recovering trucks at whatever time of day or night they choose to break down! I taught heavy goods in the Army, upgrading drivers from the then HGV 3 to HGV 2 and HGV 2 up to HGV 1, I also taught tracked vehicle driving (yes that means tanks!) and off road driving.
I have had a long mechanical background which has involved vehicles of all kinds starting my working life as an apprentice mechanic on cars and trucks, moving on to motorcycles later. I joined the Army (REME) at the age of eighteen and had a successful and rewarding career for nearly 20 years before applying for redundancy. Having worked with vehicles and having to drive them gave me a passion for good driving, I enjoyed teaching a variety of subjects while in the army ranging from first aid basics to running and designing complete vehicle recovery courses.
It was, I suppose inevitable that my love of teaching and driving would one day come together.....so here I am....teaching people to drive safely, responsibly and with respect for others. Understanding that each and every one of my pupils is an individual and should be taught as such, there is no one size fits all when it comes to learning to drive. Giving the individual what they need makes it fun and enjoyable, and that is exactly what learning should be....fun and enjoyable!
I have a no nonsense approach to teaching, the speed of teaching is entirely up to the pupil, if they are a natural talent and can progress quickly then that is what we do, If the learner requires more time and practice then we slow it down. Driving has both the physical and mental aspects, both must be developed together to ensure a safe driver. I am a firm believer in getting on with it! I don't believe in holding potential back.